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How many differant types of pokeballs are there? What are there names and what do they do? Every game included, and anime, too.


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Pokeball: Can catch a Pokemon, low success rate.
Great Ball: Higher success rate.
Ultra Ball: Very high success rate.
Master Ball: Always catches a Pokemon, very small chance of failing in Gen. 1
Safari Ball: For use in the Safari only.
Premier Ball: Same catch rate as a regular Pokeball, received as a gift for buying 10 regular Pokeballs at once.
Repeat Ball: Higher success rate when used on a Pokemon you've caught before.
Timer Ball: Higher success rate the more turns the battle has taken.
Nest Ball: Higher success rate on lower-level Pokemon.
Net Ball: Higher success rate on Water or Bug Type Pokemon.
Dive Ball: Higher success rate when fishing or surfing.
Luxury Ball: Makes a Pokemon caught in it more friendly.
Heal Ball: Heals the Pokemon caught in it.
Quick Ball: Higher success rate when used immediately at the start of battle.
Dusk Ball: higher success rate at night or in caves.
Park Ball: For use in the Pal Park only.
Dream Ball: For use in the Dream World only.(you can glitch the game to let you put one back in your bag)

Kurt's Pokeballs: http://www.psypokes.com/hgss/apricorns.php

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Dive Ball is NOT for surfing or fishing. The Lure Ball is for fishing.

Dive Ball is for when you are diving underwater in R/S/E/OR/AS
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