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I need a water type trick room sweeper, but I didnt want to use Slowking, because I already have a psychic type (Deoxys-S) (jk its Reuniclus) and I like Empoleon and its typing, but is it too fast to sweep in trick room? Mine is Quiet nature.

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Are you asking if Empoleon is slow, and would work well in Trick Room?

Well, Empoleon is an incredibly good choice! Especially with Quiet Nature.
Empoleon has a Speed stat of 60, which is pretty low, and with the Quiet Nature, it decreases the Speed even more, taking it to 54.

Heck yeah, Empoleon is a great choice. But unless you use the GTS, I don't think you can get a Piplup though, so good luck with that.

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i already have the empoleon its just that it kinda failed me, i think it has high speed IV's.... thanks