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I finally got SS and I am TRYING to level up other Pokemon because my quilava is becoming over powered and is at level 25. all the rest of my Pokemon are in the 6-10. so should I ditch the ekans and go with a diffrent Pokemon (which I am also raising zubat) or just keap going at it? (please include a moveset in your answer.


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Yes I have used Arbok and He is quite goo but ekans is hard to train, like zubat. It is probably easier to just get a different Pokemon but if you do end up using Arbok you may be pleasantly suprised. I would use Crobat for a poison type. Arbok is even better in Gen 5 with Coil.

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Use Victreebel
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http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/6372/what-should-i-evolve-my-gloom-into And DT said THis

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