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Not nescesarily, though typically that's how it will be. Your team members ideally should be roughly even in power, so that if one Pokemon falls the others are ready to battle. However, your starter will likely be a powerful contributor to your team, and it should be, as they are naturally strong with good base stats , and you will have the longest time to train them. In summary, your starter should be a very string team member, perhaps even the best, but the other members of your team should rival its strength.

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The Pokemon gods intended it to be like that, you could say. xD

That's why your rival's starter Pokemon is always the highest in level. It's like the 'big finale' (well, it's not final though. So, that's a bad description) of his team. Starter Pokemon are probably meant to be pretty strong, and to help you progress through the game.

The Pokemon creators want you to win, remember that. They don't want you to lose, so they gave you a strong starter Pokemon, to try win the game and such and such.

Of course, it doesn't HAVE to be in your strongest. Yet again, it doesn't have to be in your party at all! None of the trainers you see when going through a game have a starter Pokemon (except for a tiny handful, one in Platinum and a few in HGSS (Kanto)), so you can be like them. Rebellion against Professor Oak/Elm/Birch/Rowan/Juniper. :O (Hey, they're all plants! :D)

Well... yeah. Hope I helped some way or another. :D

Not only plants, trees
I always thought they were the same thing... :3
That's cool, now I can give my old starter pokemon a break!
Actually, I believe a Juniper is a shrub..
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no. it can be though. I have a powerful swirlix in my X game.it is more in my party then my greninja. its fine if you don't want it in your party. source: I beat the champion with mostly my swirlix