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Yes it is. Especially if the Pokemon is holding a life orb then you would want to recover some HP. Also if you are using a bulky Pokemon it is a good strategy to keep recovering and PP stalling your opponent. This usually annoys your opinion.

Conclusion: If your Pokemon can learn roost, it is recommended that you use it

Note: when your Pokemon uses roost and it has levitate or is a flying type it can be struck by earthquake

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Skarmory... I had no fire types ,Blissey manage to intoxicate my whole team, 3 v 3.
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Yes, it is a great healing move, healing always 50%, no more, no less. Many Flying-type Pokemon learn it, and it fits well in a moveset of a defencive flying Pokemon with toxic, like Mandibuzz. It gets rid of the Pokemon's flying type for that turn, lowering the damage of electric, rock, and ice moves. I hope I helped! -Jellohamster

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If you're like me who believes in a full on attack style,then no. If you wanna be able to heal then yes.

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