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No, none at all. Although Magikarp can leap mountains with it(not in the games), apparently.

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Well then why the heck did they add it?!
Just to make Magikarp seem more useless?
Someone once tried to let me believe magikarp could  1hit-KO someone with splash as soon as magikarp reaches lvl.100 xD
that would mean pressing b like 80 times.
well did you try it?
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Splash doesn't do anything. However, he is splashing water around, so you may think why it doesn't inflict damage.

In the Japanese games, it was called ホップ, literally meaning 'Hop'. So, if you hopped in real life, it won't really do anything. So that kind of explains that.

Also, it explains why some other non-Water type Pokemon can learn Splash.
Hope I helped. :)

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LOL, if Torterra hopped it would do a lot. :3
Good point. xD
If it makes pokemon hop, then shouldn't it raise it's evasion?
Wailord used splash (hop), Nothing happened *earth spits in two*
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No, but Magicarp can leap out of the water every 5 minutes using splash like a complete douchebag and ask you to knock it back in the water in Pokepark 2! :D fun!
Source: experience

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:3 I've tried splash with my skiploom. Worst mistake I've ever made.