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I have 2 Rampardos and a Cranidos ready to level up to 100 but i'm not sure which one to choose one of these or my Haxorus which is already to level 100. Rampardos has amazing attack but not the best move pole (leveling up), While Haxorus has great attack too but not as much as Rampardos. It has a great move poll with Outrage, Dragon Claw, Dragon Dance, and Gulliotine. I still like Haxorus a lot better (he's my favourite Pokemon). But i'm not really sure.


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I'm going to have to argue for Haxorus

Rampardos does indeed pack more powerful attacks, but it is very slow, and with relatively little bulk and a whopping 5 weaknesses, it will often die before it gets the chance to attack. Trick room or rock polish can help with this, but Rampardos will find it hard to find a chance to set up.

Haxorus on the other hand has decent base 97 speed, which can be further boosted by dragon dance, allowing it to fire off powerful attacks before its opponents. With great moves like outrage, earthquake, aqua tail and superpower it can decimate all foes, even the steel types that resist its dragon moves. It's defensive typing isn't to bad either, with only two weaknesses and four resistances. Here's a set I used ingame

[email protected] plate
Ability: mold breaker
Dragon Dance
Brick Break/Dragon Claw

Hope this helps

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That right there is a professional moveset. +1
Thanks :)
Thanks awesome answer my moveset is Dragon Dance, Outrage, Brick Bread. and Dragon Claw because i have Earthquake on 2 of my Pokemon already, Salamence and Flygon. I knew Haxorus was better.
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I would say Haxorus. It can learn Dragon Dance and it also has amazing attack. It can survive a hit with it's decent defence, and Outrage and Earthquake are great moves. It can learn Iron Defence, so that it can raise defence and use Dragon Dance for even more turns (if the opponent is a physical attacker). It can make even legendaries fall face-down on the floor with Dragon Claw, which doesnt confuse Haxorus. Haxorus can also learn Iron Tail and Superpower. Of course, a Scarfed Rampardos with Head Smash is always nice, but Haxorus can destroy Rampardos, and many other Pokemon, in battle. I hope this helps! -Jellohamster

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First of all, these are tough choices as both mons function very efficiently in the same way.

Haxorus has a higher base speed than Rampardos, however, Rampardos' attack is higher.

Rampardos functions well with a choice scarf, but Haxorus can be banded

Haxorus has an excellent ability in mold breaker, but Rampardos has the same ability and a better one in Sheer Force, which makes its attacks even more powerful.

Haxorus can use STAB outrage, which has a base power of 120, however, Rampardos gets head smash, which is 30 points more powerful at BP 150.

So, in the end, I would have to say Rampardos due to its ridiculous attack and its versatility, as it can also be run with Mold Breaker over Sheer Force to set rocks.

Sample set:
Rampardos @ Choice Scarf
Ability: Sheer Force
Head Smash
Rock Slide/Iron Head

Head smash has recoil, sheer force may be good, but rivalry can help, at least a little bit, situationally. Unnerve is really good in doubles, because it can bypass yache berry, etc, and can also do pretty good in singles. Haxorus doesn’t need the band, but ramparados needs a scarf. It’s really linear, there is not much versatility, because the move pool is ok, but thanks to the trash special attack, a lot of moves are wasted. It can’t take any super effective hits, with a respectable hp, but garbage defense and we learned from guzzlord that good no but garbage defense and crummy defensive typing don’t let you take many good hits. Haxorus has a good attack, decent defense and hp, and a pretty good speed. It has acces to things like aqua tail, aerial ace etc. it has acces to the double dances, and poison jab to eliminate fairy types. Now tell me which one is better.
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Haxorus is better. let me explain why. Rampardos, even scarfed, is not much faster than hax.Scarfing it will make it just a little bit faster than haxorus. But banding haxorus can make its attack reach 600 which is much more than the speed advantage scarfed rampardos will get. So, it’s better to use haxorus.