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I want it evolve it into gallade and know psycho cut, night slash, leaf blade, and brick break. I can't connect to wifi so I have to havenitnlearn everything ingame. I have platinum version.

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Well, I hate to break it to you, but Kirlia learns none of those moves. It learns them all as a Gallade. Brick Break is a TM move, Night Slash and Leaf Blade are learned by going to the move tutor in Pastoria City with a Heart Scale, and it learns Psycho Cut at Level 31. I suppose you should use the stone around that level.

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I would evolve it at level 31. The reason why is that it learns psychic and as a gallade it doesn't learn psychic and that one move will help alot as at lvl 31 gallade learns psycho cut (verified as generation four information)

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Gallade is a Physical Attacker. Psychic on a Gallade would be atrocious. It does not need Psychic.
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Anytime before level 31 so Gallade can learn Psycho Cut. Also in case you didn't know you will need to have Leaf Blade and Night Slash remember cause it learns them at level 1. Hope I helped! :)

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So if I wanted to evolve Kirlia at level 25 would it learn leaf blade and night slash at soon as it evolved?
Well no because Gallade learns them at level 1. You will have to go to the move remember person. But go ahead and evolve! :)
Where is he?
Pastoria City.
Smack-dab in Pastoria