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while searching for a shiny in black/white, can you visit the Pokemon center to heal your Pokemon? PLEASE help! I am afraid that once I leave the route, it will "delete" all those encounters I did.

I don't want to waste 5,932 encounters trying to find a shiny!

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thanks ★ϟJarJarϟ★ !

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Yes, you can. It doesn't matter because finding shinies is based on chance, or probability.

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It won't matter, really. It's not that on your 8,192nd encounter you will find a Shiny Pokemon. What the game does is each time you encounter a Pokemon, the game does something like picking something out of a hat. There are 8,000 pieces of paper in there, and one of them is shiny. If the game picks the shiny paper out, your next encounter will be shiny.

So, the game isn't recording anything. It's doing something like that.
Hope I helped. :)

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