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I know where to get the Seals for it but where is the case itself?

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West of Ecruteak City and North and North of Olivine City you will come across MooMoo farms. In the barn, there is a sick miltank in the middle stall. You need to give it 7 oran berries to heal it. Then, one of the girls next to it will give you the seal case.

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So, Seven oran berries... thanks!
It's only five Oran Berries silly. :3
Lol, 2 sources say it's seven, and another says 5-10 so i dunno really xD
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So, it's five Oran Berries. xD
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Head to Route 39, and head into the Miltank Farm House.

You will find two girls surrounding a sick Miltank. :(
In order to make this Miltank better, you need to feed it five Oran Berries. Feed the Oran Berries one by one, and once you have fed five the girls will give you the Seal Case.

I think they will also give you some seals, I'm not sure though. But there you have it. :D

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