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I want to know so I can know to teach it or not.


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You will need it during your adventure, but it's not really worth it. It's rarely used in-game, and it's not worth teaching it Waterfall as a move to know forever. I'd recommend just getting an HM slave.

Here are some Pokemon that can be your new slave. :3
If you mean in battle though, it's takes mediocre damage. So it could be something to consider, but my option is you should not learn it.

Hope I helped. :)

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Uh, actually Waterfall is a very decent move in-game and competitively for Samurott, considering it's STAB, 30% flinch chance, and Samurott's base Attack of 100. Samurott also doesn't have many other options for its moveset, since Aqua Tail is 90% accuracy, X-Scissor you don't get until late in the game, and Megahorn requires a Heart Scale and has low accuracy. Surf is pretty much the only other stable STAB it gets.
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yes you should!

samurott moveset:

nature: adament
item: razor claw

aqua jet: quick move
mega horn: type coverage
swords dance: more power
waterfall: reliable STAB with flinch!

hope this helped!

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No way!
Get like a weak Pokemon that can learn waterfall.
Believe me it is awesome. And plus you can get it super strong.
I got a panpour taught it waterfall and now is a part of my team.