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I make White Kyurems using PokeBuilder. My first option is just making a Reshiram and Kyurem to fuse together. My second option is just making a White Kyurem, without fusing anything. But if I max out both Reshiram's and Kyurem's Sp.Atk EVs, when I fuse them together, the White Kyurem's Sp.Atk is 436. Then if I just make a White Kyurem without fusing and max out its Sp.Atk EV, it's Sp.Atk is 482. Both of their natures are Modest. Does anyone know why these stats are different? Do I have to do anything to change it?

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Did you make sure the IVs were the same?
yes they always are

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The key here is Nature

The second Kyurem you have has a special attack boosting nature, most likely Modest (+sp atk, - atk). Maxed out, a level 100 Kyurem White with a boosting nature has a special attack stat of 482. Such a spread would be typical of a choice set kyurem-w.

As for the other one, it has a special attack neutral nature (most likely timid, but hasty or naive are also possibilities.). A maxed out neutral nature Kyurem W has a special attack stat of 439, just three off 436, This could be because of three things. 1. You didn't max out the evs, being 12 evs, or 3 points, short 2. You don't have perfect IVs or 3. Pokebuilder messed up as it typically does

Well I hope this helps you out.

Source: I played around with Kyurem on the smogon teambuilder

No, both of their natures are Modest. Both of their IVs are 31.
Well then it appears that option 3 best suits you. Pokebuilder, like all pokemon creating devices, messes up frequently. This is only a minor issue compared to some I've seen/ heard (My favorite is a Black Kyurem becoming Reshiram and Kyurem when separated).