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At the beginning of Arceus and the Jewel of life we are told that the jewel is made up of 5 of Arceus' plates. The Ground, Fire and Grass plates.merged together with the Electric plate and made stronger with the Dragon Plate. He cant protect himselffrom Pikachu's Thunderbolt because he doesn't have his Electric plate yet he still transforms into Dragon type even though he lost that plate as well? did I miss something?




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I just watched this movie and I don't recall Arceus changing into a dragon type. At what point in the movie was Arceus a dragon type?
When he was fighting Giratina Dialga and Palkia, maybe im wrong though.
Ah yes. All three of the dragons learn and use Aura Sphere. Arceus dons the ghost plate to avoid damage from this move
No i think he goes into the corresponding attack plate, so for the shadow force. He goes into Fight form to avoid the aura Sphere i remember that clearly

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I'm pretty sure Arceus never transformed into a Dragon tye. What you may mean is his rage? Where he shoots dragon rage at everybody? Well, that my sir, is one of the Arceus' moves, which according to the anime logic, he had had learnt when he had the Dragon Plate. He is no more Dragon type, at that moment, doesnt mean he can't even use a different type of move, than Normal.
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naw i got mixed up. it was when he changed into ghost form
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