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What I mean to ask is, why, in every game (that I have played) does he say the following.
"Er ... Who was I again? ... ... Oh, that's right! I am the Move Deleter!"
Is it just because Gamefreak thought it would be humorous? Or is there some story behind it? If it is just Gamefreak being Gamefreak, please clarify. Thank you!

I don't spend my life learning about the history of some geezer with short term memory loss, idk. XD
lol! XD

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Actually, its symbolism. He makes Pokemon forget moves; he forgets his own name.

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That answer is better than mine.
That's exactly what I was gonna say LOL!
That's not symbolism. That's parallelism.
Isn't it closer to irony?
Irony is more closely related to sarcasm and opposing ideas. There is nothing given by Game Freak to indicate that the Move Deleter would be good at remembering things. His job title in fact makes this more expected than anything else. So not an example of irony.
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He can't remember his name, because he deletes a lot of thing and it's so much to remember, that he forgets his name.