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My Primeape in Pokemon Yellow knows Karate Chop, and it lists it as a Normal type move. I know Karate Chop was a Normal move in other generations, and is a Fighting move now, but why, on this website, does it list it as a Fighting move in generation 1, when it isn't? Just wondering.

It may just be an error on the site.
Oh okay. You would think they'd make Karate Chop Fighting in Yellow though. .-. this website is very reliable btw
It did say it was a normal type.

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By clicking here you will find that you are correct about Karate Chop's attack type in the first gen. By clicking here you'll also see that it does say that it says KC is a fighting move. Report this in Meta.

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The same thing happened with Gust, too. Evidently it's Normal in gen 1, but Flying in other generations.
Yeah, definitely get that to the Meta section.