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i have traded a reshiram to my black 2 and I haven't reached the part where you fuse zekrom and kyruem so do I have to fuse zekrom or can I use reshiram?


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Yes, you can fuse Reshiram with Kyurem in Black 2, however this can only be done when you defeat the Elite 4, battle N, catch his Zekrom and catch Kyurem. When you go back to the Giant Chasm, Kyurem will be at lv.70.
Then you can use the DNA-Splicers to fuse Zekrom/Reshiram with Kyurem


This can only be done after you have defeated the E4

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You can fuse both Zekrom AND Reshiram in the game. So, yes, you can. I've done it in my Black 2 game.

My reshiram is from black 1 does that matter?
No. It should still fuse if you have the DNA splicers.