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Are there any Pokemon that have been thought of by Game freak which were Inspired by other games? This is an example and not really the origin, but say Oshawott came from a sea diving game. I know it's not the origin of Oshawott, but is there any Pokemon that has been inspired by any game, if so, what?


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Munna is the only Pokemon I can think of. In the original Red, Blue, and Yellow, a girl mentions there should be a pink round Pokemon with flower print on it. And behold, over fifteen years later, they actually made the Pokemon the girl mentions.

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Wow... where is this 'girl' in the game?
In gen 3 a scientist also made a pretty direct reference to Munna. Talking about dream mist.
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Rotom is based off one of Game Freak's other games, I forgot what its called though, and volt tackle was inspired by that same game as well.

Pulseman is the game.