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and how do I increase it??

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Well there is a place were you can see your Pokemon's happiness and there are many ways to make your Pokemon happy
Let me start with the location:

Where you can check your Pokemon's happiness
- Pokemon Fanclub (Iccurus City)
Talk to a girl with blond hair and she will tell you how much your Pokemon like you

Well, I think that is it. I just realized that, that would be the only place if I am not mistaking

However there are a few ways to make your Pokemon happy:
- Train them whiles they are wielding the Sooth Bell
- Don't let them faint in battle
- Give them the power vitamines
- Have them in your party often
- Try to prevent giving them bitter herbs such as Revival Herbs and so on
- Some berries raise happiness but will drop a stat in return(Not recommend)

Well I think that is all and good luck :)

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