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What is the oldest move that can still be used? And if there is an older move that can not be used anymore, please do put it.

I think it is all the moves in Gen 1.
There are no moves that have ceased use. So as mentioned, every Gen 1 move would count.

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Bulbapedia - list of moves

By index number, Pound is the first, and therefore oldest, move.

I think that makes sense, since Mew is the original Pokemon and Pound is its first starting move, making Pound the original move (I guess?).

As for no-longer used moves, I don't think there are any. All moves are still available to the Pokemon that can learn them, via levelling, breeding, TM etc. etc.

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Rhydon was the first pokemon fyi, but thanks
No I mean in the Pokemon universe, not first Pokemon designed. Mew contains the DNA of all Pokemon.
So my answer fits your description.
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If you mean Arceus, the Pokemon god then the four oldest moves are:

Seismic Toss
Cosmic Power
Natural Gift

And if we were talking about the oldest move that can't be used by any other Pokemon, it's:


Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokedex/arceus