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This jerky Trip Trap made me lose my Detect Band, and it's the only reason I've gotten so far in the game. Now that it's gone, I'm more prone to attacks... I forgot where I got it from, where can you get one again? And if there's a Wonder Mail, could someone give it to me?


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Well you can obtain it again by completing unspecified missions and will be rewarded with the Detect Band. This should be one of the most unreliable ways of getting it, but it is most likely so that this is how you got it the first time
However there are other a little more reliable ways of getting it:

  • You can get it at the Kecleon Store for 4000 Poke'Dollars
  • You can obtain it Random Prizes
  • They can be found in random dungeons, however it is not specified which ones since it can randomly appear in any dungeon

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