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I am leveling up Charmander(Now Charmeleon) and Mudkip(Now Marshtomp), and I noticed that Charmander and Mudkip had the exact same HP numbers. Keep on mind that they are the same level. At the next level, (Lvl39) I let them both evolve. And once again, the had the exact same HP numbers. Is this normal, weird or just a coincidence?


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A Mudkip has a higher base HP (at evolution) than Charmander, you must have EV trained them against Pokemon which give out HP. Although by EV training, getting a Pokemon completely different to Charizard can have the same stats (although it doesn't work for literally every single Pokemon) so yeah, toggling between that :3

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i didnt ev train it tho. i dont think at least...
If you battled, you've EV trained. Every Pokemon gives EVs out and every single EV counts.
Btw your welcome :3