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I'm doing a Pokemon black 2 nuzlocke, and I didn't erase my old game data. I'm at pokestar studios and I'm in the movie making place, but I can't save my movie cause of my old game data, and the guy wont let me out until I make a movie. What do I do?


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You really can't do anything else.
Starting a new game with a saved file will make the New Game like a demo.

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And i spent all yesterday leveling up my snivy. DX
I'm sorry
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Well... there is a way. Leave your DS on permanently until you finish your game. Plug it in to charge and just leave it over night, and try to finish the game ASAP so it doesn't over heat.

You can finish the game, but you can't ever save your progress.

I'm trapped in a movie studio, though.
Ah rightt; I forgot it forces you to save because of the movie. Yup, restart. o-o