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Drayden is really hard.
I'm wondering about Vanilluxe or Klinkang.
I'm playing Pokemon Black.

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You would normally use either Ice types or Dragon types to attack, and Steel types to defend.
The two Pokemon you listed sound pretty good and will work great, but i'll recommend 2 more Pokes.
Another Steel type that would work well for defending is Ferrothorn who has really high defense and can sponge any Dragon type attack they throw at you. In return, you can hit it with a STAB Gyro Ball or another attack move, some type of status, or Leech Seed them which will really help you out in battle.
As for another offensive Pokemon, Vanniluxe is the only worthwhile Ice type at that stage IMO, so I will recommend the Haxorus line. They have good speed and can outrun Drayden's Dragons if you put in a few Speed EVs and they have godly attack and will do huge amounts of damage with its Dragon STAB.

Hope this helps! :)

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Only Hard Mode Altaria from BW2 has a Fire type attack. Druddigon has Revenge though.
Ok, thanks for that info :)
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attacking against: dragon, and youd better be faster before it kills your dragon, or ice
defending: dragons are not very effective against steel types. A good example is ferrothorn he could take outrages for days
Hope I helped!
Source: link above and experience