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In total, how many Popularity Points will I need for Join Avenue to reach level 100, and each of the shops (Raffle, Cafe, Beauty Salon, Antique Shop, Dojo, Flower Shop, Nursery, Market) to reach 10 ten. So just to clarify, if the total of Popularity Points needed for each of the shops, and Join Avenue itself was 1078 points (not that it is), that would be the answer I am looking for.

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Your Avenue will increase in rank dependant on the points you gain in reward for guiding the visitors to their desired store. The increase in rank will also bring you rewards, such as eventually being able to personalise the Join Avenue name to your own desire.

To reach Lv. 100, you will need +3000 Popularity points and once at Lv. 71, you will receive a Stardust every level, a Rare Candy every 10 levels and a Comet Shard at Lv. 100.

For each shop individually, I couldn't find the amount of points you need, to reach Rank 10 however I have been self initiative and thought if I divide 3000 by the amount of shops (7), that will give me the amount of points needed to get each of them to Rank 10 as I guess this adds together to get the overall Popularity Points for Join Avenue. Therefore, 429 points is needed for each shop to get to Rank 10. (I may be wrong but this is my best bet, as nothing is said on the web about each individual shop only for Join Avenue as an overall.)

Source: PkmnNet

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