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Ash's Palpitoad, Unfezant, and Krookodile are three powerhouses in his team in Unova.

Same thing about Ash's Snivy.

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As a battler, ash kinda sucks. I don't think he has any powehouses
Being a powerhouse doesn't state that you need to have an extremely powerful trainer,it is only required that your Pokemon has proven to have excellent offensive presence. Yes in-game these Pokemon aren't exactly powerful but in the anime they  have proven to wield an above average amount of power seeing as the anime=/=in-game

His Palpitoed was of great usage in the battle against Clay as well as some other battles

His Unfezant was shown to be very skillful in battle as it was able to defeat Skyla's Pokemon even after it had been weakened before it was sent out

His Krookodile is with no doubt Ash's main powerhouse in Unova standing very close to his famous Charizard that was able to defeat a legendary Articuno even after it's wing was frozen. His Krookodile is one of the few Pokemon that actually managed to defeat Iris's powerful Dragonite

Though his Snivy hasn't even evolved yet, it is very powerful being able to hold itself against 2 rather powerful fire types(Emboar and Heatmor) in a double battle

Many people always state that Ash sucks at battling and even though it seems to be the case 70% of the time, he has proven to be a rather powerful opponent later in the series. Yes he is weak when he starts his journey in a new region but unlike "us" he doesn't get a whole preview on every single Pokemon in the region. Another thing that states that we can't compare anime to real life and in-game
"Palpitoad was of great usage in the battle against Clay". You don't say... :3
Jojo TL;DR
Ash never use plaptoad against clay
Clay use his plaptoad against ash

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I would hardly say that. We hardly ever actually see Palpitoad anymore, so I wouldn't count that one. Unfezant was sent to Oak's lab, so we don't see it anymore either. Ash is using Charizard again, and I would definitely call that a "powerhouse." Pignite is also pretty powerful, as is Leavanny when he uses it (again, not that often).
So the entire situation isn't as cut-and-dried as your question makes it sound. Yes, the three you mention are pretty powerful when he uses them, but they aren't the only Pokemon Ash has in Unova that can hold their own in battle.