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I'm playing W2 and I would like to train 100lvl Magmortar, so I want to know where I can get Magmarizer and what is the best possible nature for Magmortar. Thanks in advance:)

http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Evolution-inducing_held_item - you can just Google items like this. Magmariser is not available for sure in W2, only in B2. The only way to get it in W2 is to trade or get lucky at the Antique Shop in Join Avenue. As for Magmortar's nature, Modest/ Timid. It has higher Sp. Atk than Atk.
Like fondant said, you can't found it easily Magmariser in White 2 but trade. For Magmortar, I suggest Bold, since it's Defense is low and he doesn't had many Physical Attack, also you can use Modest (+Sp. A, -A).
I have B1 version, is it possible to get Magmarizer in that version?

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Join Avenue (Antique Shop), Plasma Frigate B2

So you really just have to score at Join Avenue, or trade for a Pokemon holding one.


Magmortar does have higher special attack, but physical moves are still usable. It gets moves like Earthquake and Cross Chop which are all very useful. So you could so for a Lonely, Mild, or Naive Nature. But I really do recommend going all special, with a Timid or Modest Nature.

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Ok, ty:) Can you plz answer this?: I have B1 version, is it possible to get Magmarizer in that version?
Open links before asking anymore please.
Look at the source that JJ linked you. It says that Route 13 is where you can get a Magmariser. If you then click Route 13, it'll tell you that it can be obtained from some dude with glasses who will give a random item to you each day, and a Magmariser is one of them.
In future, just Google where items are. Bulbapedia lists everything already.
OK, ty:)