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I just got a Bulbasaur in a trade and I was wondering if there was away to find his Mega stone in x because In already chose charizard.


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When you get to choose one of the former starter Pokemon from Professor Sycamore, pick Ivysaur and you'll get this Mega Stone. If you didn't get it from him, you will be able to buy it from a man in the Stone Emporium in Lumiose City in the postgame. It costs 300,000 and is only available every three days.

Source: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/163342/whats-the-location-of-all-mega-stones

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actually, if you COMPLETELY max your style in Lumiose City, the price will go down to 10k. i know, 'cause i bought it for that much. as you start maxing ur style the price of the other 2 Mega Stones you can buy starts to drop. when it's totally maxed, the price is 10k Poke-dollars.