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The ability pixilate and refrigerate. Changes normal type move of ability bearer into fairy and ice type respectively. Does the Pokemon gain STAB from the move?

Scenario 1:
Gardevior is sent out. Mega evolves. Enemy use move on it. Mega Gardevoir uses hyper beam.

Does the move hyper beam gain STAB. If it does, hyper beam is 300 damage.

Scenario 2:

Aurorus is sent out. It uses a normal type move like take down or hyper beam. Does the normal type move gain STAB?

STAB doesn't double the damage. It only makes it 50% stronger. So Hyper Beam would do 150 + 75 damage, not 300.

As for the question, i think it does, but i'm not sure either.
thought hyper beam haad a power of 200
Well, it's 150 unless they changed it to 200 in Gen 6.

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Pixelate and Refrigerate work in more or less the same way Normalise does. While Normalise changes all moves to Normal, Pixelate and Refrigerate change all normal moves to Fairy & Ice respectively.

Therefore, Pokemon like Pixelate Sylveon and Refrigerate Aurorus will always gain STAB from Normal moves, because they have been changed into Fairy and Ice.

If they didn't gain STAB, there would literally be no point to their abilities.

Does Normalise STAB the Normalised moves

aside from STAB, they'd still have type advantages.
The point of Pixelate, Refrigerate etc. is that there are more moves that receive STAB, so a powerful move like Return is now STAB. Without STAB, what would be the point, since Sylveon already has something like Moon Blast, and Aurorus has Ice Beam.
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Pixilate and Refrigerate also increase the damage by 30% so 150 x 30% = 45 + 150 = 195 before STAB, STAB = 195 x 50% = 97.5 + 195 = 292.5. That is the damage of Hyper Beam after Pixilate/Refrigerate and STAB, so like Flame-red said 300 damage it is pretty close to 300 but not exactly.