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Usually I evolve Pikachu after it learns Thunderbolt, since after that it doesn't learn many good moves on it's own anyway, but does it still learn any good moves after lv30 in Pokémon X/Y that weren't in previous generations?


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After Thunderbolt, Pikachu learns these moves:

  • Feint
  • Agility
  • Discharge
  • Light Screen
  • Thunder

It depends what moves you think is worth it but if you don't like any if them, I recommend evolving before it learns Thunderbolt.

This is because in X and Y you get the Thunderbolt TM after beating the 5th gym so you can teach Riachu Thunderbolt anyway.

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That's what I thought. I was just wondering if Pikachu got any new 6th gen moves worth waiting for or something.
I was wrong, I was looking at the old move pool.
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