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I know he goes to every hotel and Pokemon center, but is there a place I'm missing?


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Mr. O Power (better known as Mr. Bonding. In fact, it actually is his name xD) is found in the following locations.

>Route 5
Attack Power
Defense Power
HP Restoring Power
Capture Power

>Anistar City Pokémon Cente
Exp. Point Power

>Cyllage City Hotel
Prize Money Power

>Camphier Hotel
Sp. Attack Power

>Ambrette Hotel
Sp. Defense Power

>Dendemille Town Pokémon Center
Accuracy Power

>Geosenge Hotel
Speed Power

>Befriending Power
Laverre City Pokémon Center
Encounter Power (NOTE: cannot be sent to other people)

>Couriway Town Hotel
Stealth Power (NOTE: cannot be sent to other people)

>Snowbelle City
PP Restoring Power

>Lumiose City - Hotel Richissime
Bargain Power

>Shalour City - Pokémon Center
Critical Power

Hope I helped. :)

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lol my bad xD But thanks a lot! It turns out that I found him in all of the locations already..
Woo thanks~
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