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I just won a NU match with 6 unowns, spelling from the first slot to last


Idk how I did it, but the Unowns had from first to last,

HP grass
HP electric
HP psychic
HP ice
HP ground
HP fighting

A lot of switching indeed
Now here's my question,
Does Unown serve any purpose whatsoever other than being an alphabet?
Competitive-wise and otherwise, because doing this was actually easier than I imagined...
their stats are atrocious yes, and this was all for fun but could they be any use on a team?


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The answer is rather simple for a dedicated player. No. I'll write like a dedicated player. The stats for Unown are low and they aren't really good in battle. Yes, Hidden Power power and type varies which is good, but then you'll have find out the type of the move. Their only purpose is to get those nice decals on your pokeball :3 But that's only in the fourth gen :/.
If you're going to EV train your Pokemon then they'll be handy if you're going to train that Pokemon in Atk and Sp.Atk. Hope I helped!

Info/Backup: http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20080125213351AANENF9

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Not particularly.

Other than some plot points, such as in the Unown Movie, Unown serves no purpose whatsoever. In DPPt, there's a boy who will give you some alphabet seals if you show him an Unown, and he will give the corresponding letter seal to the Unown letter you show him.

Unown is the most pitiful Pokemon in the metagame. You say you won one NU match with 6 Unown. How many did you have to lose before you won? What was the rating of the person you beat? How much hax did you receive?

Unown should not be used. At least Castform can muster more than 1 move.

I lost 5 and got 3 crits LOL
it took no skill, but i found it hilarious nontheless