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I mean hypothetically, if you caught A LOT of Pokemon in one game, like almost a thousand, will your chance of getting critical captures rise so much that every, or every other, capture will be a critical capture? I believe I'm over-thinking quite a bit..


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No, it caps at 600+ Pokemon captured, so you can't ever always get Critical captures

Actually yes you can. You get a 2.5 multiplier after you've caught 600 Pokemon in a game, and all captures are independent of each other, therefore you will always have the added 2.5 multiplier on every capture.

It is improbable, but not impossible.
But didn't he ask if you could get a 100% chance of getting a Critical capture?
Yes he did. And yes, you can. It's just incredibly unlikely. You can get one Critical Capture after another, so the chances of getting a Critical Capture on a Pokemon are not dependent on how many Critical Captures you've already received. It's dependent on the 2.5 multiplier, which is present on all captures.
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@Lappos, yes I did ask that. I really like your answer, @fondant, if you really posted it as an Answer, I'd upvote it.
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