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So, I've got a friend with Ivysaurs in his Friend Safari, but I just can't seem to tell if they have Chlorophyll as their hidden ability. Honestly, I can't even tell that Chlorophyll works with my Bellosom (which has Chlorophyll as its main ability).

I use Sunny Day and there's no confirmation that their speed has increased. I even gave Bellosom a Lagging Tail to make it go 2nd and apparently Chlorophyll wasn't enough to make it go first on the 2nd turn.

Any ideas?


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Lagging Tail doesn't make you slower, it always forces you to go last in your priority bracket; the only way you can out speed something with Lagging Tail is if you use an increased priority move or your opponent uses a decreased priority move.

As for checking Chlorophyll, get a Pokemon around the same level as those Ivysaurs, that does NOT have Chlorophyll itself, and use Sunny Day. Make sure the Pokemon out speeds the Ivysaur in the beginning, and just test it out by using a move or two (use a powder move, maybe, since grass types are immune to them). Then use Sunny Day, and see if the Ivysaur out speeds you. If it does, it has Chlorophyll.

Ah, I had a hunch that may have been the case with Lagging Tail.

Guess I just need to catch a whole bunch of female Ivysaurs and test them like you say. Then I get to splice in Chlorophyll (80% chance?), oi... Do you know if Mega Venusaur would lose Chlorophyll and drop down to *just* Thick Fat?
Yes; it only gets Thick Fat as its ability. All Mega-mons get 1 ability regardless of their starting ones.
So, the regular Venusaur would have Overgrow and Chlorophyll, but the second he mega-evolves he drops down to just Thick Fat?
Yep; that's pretty much it.