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Does this do anything??? For example, Lead with Ninetales, and then switch to (X) which holds a Heat Rock. Does that extend the amount of sun that comes out??


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No. Heat Rock must be held by the Pokemon using Sunny Day/ that has Drought.

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Dammit, it's gonna take me forever to make a Gen 6 sun team that I actually like.
And does Drought wear off even if that Pokemon's out now?
Yes. Drought/ any weather ability activates by switching in when there is a different/ no weather on the field. If you switch Ninetales in while Drought is still active, it won't extend Drought. If you leave Ninetales out for the full 10 turns, Drought will not extend.
Dammit again.

(Without the rock, It's five turns, unfortunately T_T)
Pretty sure Heat Rock + the ability is 10 turns now? Or maybe I got that wrong.