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The more I think, the more I get anxious ...
I live in Lebanon. So, my question is the following: Is the Torchic event worldwide ? Or it will only concern Canada, America, France, Japan and countries which gets events in general ?

I had the Deoxys Plasma event, and it is my only event Pokémon. Then, I guess this Deoxys was available worldwide, if it came to Lebanon. But DW Torchic @ Blazikenite = Blaziken FTW !

Will I get the occasion to get this Torchic, or not ?
Thank you.

OK, thanks for the answers :)

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I am pretty sure that Torchic is a worldwide event.

To check, go to the start screen (after the main screen), then go Mystery Gift > Receive Gift > Get Via Internet.

Note you have to have an internet connection, so make sure that the internet is hooked to your 3DS and stuff. You can just look it up if you don't know how to.
If the Torchic doesn't appear, and the console is hooked to the internet and stuff, then evidently it doesn't work in Lebanon. Sorry. :( It works in Australia. xD

When you receive Torchic, head to the Pokemon Center and talk to the delivery girl on the left of the Pokemon Center woman. She will hand you Torchic!

Hope I helped. :)
Source: Got one myself. ;)

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The Event is worldwide you only need to download it from Wi-fi internet gift and then you get it.

Experience I live in Sweden and you can get it anywhere.