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Mega Mawile's Sucker Punch with Swords Dance is extremely deadly thanks to Huge Power, plus good bulk. I want to know what its biggest threats are.


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Infernape outspeeds it and resists it's priority Sucker Punch. He has access to STAB fire attacks which hits Mawile's steel typing very hard.

Blaziken can also handle it very well for the same reasons as Infernape.

Ferrothorn resists it's moves if it's running duo STABs with Sucker Punch and SDance.

Mega Medicham can KO with Fire Punch.

Rotom-W can outspeed it and is not affected by Sucker Punch when using status moves like Will-O-Wisp.

Excadrill can survive unboosted priority and KO with STAB Earthquake.

Thanks to Jojo for his assistance.

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Blaziken as well, especially with Speed Boost and its own Mega form
But a boosted Sucker Punch can OHKO them, right? With both Infernape and Blaziken being frail and all.
I like the Rotom-W counter. Remember though, steel no longer resists Dark moves.
Be that as it may I wouldn't put a Dark type up against a steel/fairy type who will easily have enough bulk to survive a neutral hit then KO back with a fairy move.
it won't KO if it doesn't have any Swords Dances. After that it depends on how much Defence investment Blaziken has. That usually isn't much, however. But if it is a max Defence Mega Blaziken it can live a +2 Sucker Punch. I just checked on a damage calculator. Infernape also gets similar results, although its Defence is a little lower than Blaziken's, but not by that much.
Thanks Meloetta. I was curious about the damage outputs because I saw conversations on Smogon about a +2 Sucker Punch OHKO an offensive Heatran. A lot of thoughts ran through my head after that lol
If you're looking for VGC pokemon then go with the Rotom-H
I used a battle calculator:
Rotom-W is not a very good option as it can be taken down in 2 hits by Play Rough.
Rotom-H however has Overheat which would OHKO Mega Mawile.

Depends how you build your team.