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i'm thinking that you have to touch a meteor like the other games, but where?

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There are several meteors in the museum in Ambrette Town, which are presumably for changing the form of Deoxys. But the mystery is that there are actually 5 meteors and 4 forms of Deoxys, which suggests either a new form or a Mega Evolution.

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A new form?? I'm definitely bringing mine over! If it's true, of course.
I just tried out the stones/meteors and you're right. They are for changing Deoxys' forms, but none of them correspond to a specific form. they just change randomly.  It may have an order that he changes, like Attack, to Defense, to Speed, and all starting at Normal.  It doesn't seem like it has a significance, the five meteors, but it could be a hint to a possible future purpose!