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I was wondering with Golem if I had the perk sturdy and used double-edge, whether that would count as the attack, or whether that it only counted when the opponent attacked you? It is probably a stupid question but i'm gonna ask anyway because the explanation says 'attack'.

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well if recoil does only 1% your sturdy is broken, but idunno what would happen if the recoil was great enough to KO
Lol this a little irrelevent but it always ticked me off when a golem had sturdy then used explosion.

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No because each Recoil move is set to how much recoil you'll receive. Such as Double-Edge does 1/3 recoil damage and that isn't enough so bring it down to Sturdy level and it breaks Sturdy. Sturdy does not prevent recoil damage from making the user faint.

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