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I am currently trying to find all of the MegaStones. I already upgraded my Mega Ring and have tried to get the stones at their confirmed locations between 8-9pm and they are still not there! I don't know what else to do! Someone help me please!


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First off, make sure that you are looking in the right spot. Second of all, make sure that the time on your 3DS is set to the time in real life cuz maybe you for got to set it for daylight savings. If this doesn't help then reply and I might be able to help again

I'm looking in the right spot, and my 2DS is set on he right time, it was the first thing I checked.
make sure it says 20:00 because for the 3DS/2DS the time is in military time and idk what else to say im thinking as hard as i can. I'll get back to you if i think of anything that might help