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Basically a couple years ago I game synced on my nintendo DSI on Pokemon black. That console is no longer working, and I have my 3DS. Yesterday I bought Pokemon black 2, and I want to use that memory link thing, since it adds a lot of cool new stuff. Everytime I try and game sync on the new console on Pokemon black, it won't let me. On the website it says I only have one badge so I guess the last time I game synched on it I still only had one badge. The add new game card option on the gts website is also faded out and unclickable. Is there any hope for me ? Or will I have to miss out on a lot of the games options like N's Pokemon ?

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You need to collect more badges before it can work. Also you need a profile on the Pokemon website(not this one) and create an account. Make sure you have good WiFi and then game sync will work.

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