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We've all seen them. 5 Baton Pass setups for... a Magikarp? What, that Magikarp just swept my Level 100 team! And what is this!? It's Level 1.

What is the Pokemon that is the most aggrivating to be swept by? Treat this as a competitive question, listing EVs, Moveset, Nature, Item (and IVs if necessary).

Kelfki, the Ultimate Annoyer to End All Annoyers

->Thunder Wave
->Foul Play
-> (filler to taste/needs)

I built a team with a Blaziken on it, forced me into Ubers, my Klefki shut down so many Mega Mewtwos, Yveltals, and Xeranus's it wasn't even funny.

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Since this is X and Y, I guess this is okay, but just putting this link out there. x)

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