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Can you please give me a list of all of the possible ways to obtain pokemiles. And also is it ok if you can also add the amount of pokemiles you get. If you don't know you don't need to put the amount. Thank you!


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>In X & Y, there's a special kind of currency that can be earned called PokéMiles. In-game, these are earned by doing a variety of things including trading Pokémon on the GTS, StreetPassing other players, making Wonder Trades and just standard trading.

So it seems that PokeMiles are earned by doing activities via Wi-Fi. Also, according to Bulbapedia's page on PokeMiles, you can also simply earn them by walking around.

So, ways to earn PokeMiles are:

  • Using the GTS
  • Walking around in Kalos
  • Using StreetPass
  • Wonder Trading
  • Standard Local Wi-Fi Trading
  • Battling via Internet, Wi-Fi etc.

Hope I helped. :)
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Thank you soooooooo much!