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My Ds picks up on the wi-fi connection that I have but everytime I try to turn it on it says I'm not near the range. How am I not in the range if it shows my that I have every single light lit up ??

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You most likely aren't close enough to your wifi range

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I forgot the site I found this on but since technology keeps improving, it will get harder and harder to find working wifi for it. Such as heartgold, soul silver, and even platium. If you are playing Pokemon gen 5 and up ( including x and y) and your wifi or the hotspot you are using is up to date, than you should have no problem. Vice versa for heartgold ect if your wifi is not up to date.

I hope this helped!

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Ok then,that actually helps cause I was trying to trade using Wi-Fi on my diamond version.
Oh ok are u using the wifi from your house or a hotspot?
If u know that the wifi u are using is up to date it will work when u connect to it but it won't work in your game
Yes Im using the Wi-fi from my house and I do get close to it, I use it on my cellphone and on my laptop.. It just doesnt work on my DS :(
Do U know if the wifi us up to date or not? If it is up to date that would explain why it isn't working