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Someone told me it was on Route 22, but I still need specific directions. Do I have to go up one of the waterfalls?

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The TM Earthquake is located on Route 22. Use surf and waterfall near the end of the route to find a stone moving puzzle. You need strength to shift the boulders in to place in order to get Earthquake.

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Red/Blue/Yellow: Sliph. Co (10F, Bottom Left)
Gold/Silver/Crystal: Victory Road (2F, On the northwest ledge)
Ruby/Sapphire: Seafloor Cavern (Deepest room near doorway)
Emerald: Above location, Pickup (Lvl 91-100, 1% Rarity)
Fire Red/Leaf Green: Giovanni (After defeat at 8th Gym)
Diamond/Pearl/Platinum: Wayward Cave (Hidden Area, Up stairs at end of the basement)
Battle Tower (80 BP)
Pickup (Lvl 91-100, 1% Rarity)
HG/SS: Victory Road (2F, going down the last hole)
Black/White: Relic Castle (1F, in room leading to exit to northwest of the desert, near stairs)
B2/W2: Route 15 (Southeast of entrance to Black City/White Forest, requires Strength)
X/Y: Route 22 (Near wall on southeast side after using Strength on boulders, requires Surf, Waterfall, and Strength)

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