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I'm stuck on the flag thing, where you have to try and collect the flag. All of my Pokemon are either too fast, too slow, or unresponsive...


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>Q. Why would you ever suggest Sunkern for anything Pokemon-related?

Sunkern, despite it's devastating stats that give him/her the title of lowest base stat total, is in fact a beast at the Pokeathlon. Each Pokeathlon stat has a potential of 5 stars, but you will need to train it up for the Pokeathlon. Once you get it to reasonably high stats, slam it in the Pokeathlon and it will smash! :'D

Unless you wanna look on this list for yourself, I don't think any other Pokemon has potential like this. So, I'd highly recommend Sunkern. Just for the sake of finally using Sunkern in anything. xD

Also, for a strategy for the Pennant Capture, I hate that game as well. I tend to go get the flags when all the other Pokemon are off the screen. So, good luck!

Hope I helped. :)
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Doesn't ditto also have this? Thanks, I totally forgot about him XD
Dammit, he does. xD
Arceus has this.
Arceus is hard to find, though. xD
And our comments were literally a second apart! :o
But I can't get arceus
Whoa cool!
And you can get Arceus if you dream.
Mew has this as well.
And Giratina Origin Forme.