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I know that a couple other people have calculated this.... But I can't find the actual number anywhere. How much would it cost to buy every single piece of clothing in the game? I know it seems like useless info.... But I REALLY want to know!!!

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Button Accessory Gray     500     Santalune City
Cyllage City (Friday)

Button Accessory Lime Green     500     Santalune City
Snowbelle City (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Button Accessory Pink     500     Santalune City
Cyllage City (Monday, Tuesday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

Button Accessory Purple     500     Santalune City
Anistar City

I can't name them all because of the max length of words.

Here is a link to the rest:

It's not "useless" info if you are looking at actually purchasing all of the items. Most people got an estimate of about 2,000,000$
Dang.... that's alot of clothes...

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Male Clothes

Accessories (Buttons, Feathers, Sunglasses) - 170,400 Poke
Bags - 222,500 Poke
Hats - 283,300 Poke
Shirts - 732,500 Poke
Shoes - 220,700 Poke
Socks - 2,700 Poke
Trousers - 616,000 Poke
Total Cost - 2,248,100 Poke

Female Clothes

Accessories (Buttons, Pins, Feathers, Sunglasses) - 129,100 Poke
Bags - 694,200 Poke
Bottoms - 1,295,300 Poke
Dresses - 665,000 Poke
Hats - 371,000 Poke
Shoes - 713,800 Poke
Socks - 32,500 Poke
Tops - 682,700 Poke
Total Cost - 4,583,600 Poke

For a grand total of... 6,831,700 Poke!


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Your bags cost 6x as much :O
Another reason is because girls have a variety of preferred styles. Some girls like sporty stuff, while others go for more of a cute or pretty look. Whereas most guys just have the same general style.
Plus, we're just more fabulous than you. XD
It's funny, I actually care more about coordinating my clothes in pokemon than I do in real life lol.
Yeah, me too.
Haha so true