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To engage a Sky Battler, you just need to stand in a certain spot and face towards them until they ask if you would care for a sky battle with a sky trainer. It can sometime be tricky to find the place you're supposed to stand, but really, you just kinda gotta experiment by running around by where they are until the camera pans to where they're standing. Some places are really obvious, and some are trickier. Use this link to figure out where they are, and you should be Sky Battling in no time!
-On a side note, Sky Battlers also give out nice wads of cash, so you should aslo be rich in no time!! :D

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While both your and DanH's answers are nearly the same, I gave youthe Best Answer so you could have more points (you currently have less than Dan). Hope you understand. And thanks for that cash tip!
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This link is a list of all the Sky Trainers in Pokémon X and Y. It also tells you the amount of Pokémon each Sky Trainer has, what Pokémon each Sky Trainer has, the Level of each Pokémon and the amount of money you receive from each Sky Trainer after they are defeated.


To find out the location of each of the Sky Trainers, all you need to do is hover your computer mouse over the name of each individual Sky Trainer.

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As helpful an answer as this is, it still doesn't answer WHERE the player needs to stand in order to engage every one of them. Take for example Sky Trainer Colm. He's out on the water on a rock, looking diagonally south-east. Where do I stand in order to challenge him to a battle?
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pqmVycOjJJE Watch this video and it will show you where to stand to battle Sky Trainer Colm. Skip to around 10:30.
Thanks for the video! While both your and Riolu's answers are nearly the same (and you helped me with Colm), I gave Riolurocks the Best Answer so she could have more points (she currently has less than you). Hope you understand.