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For example, Snorlax needs to know Giga Impact in order to use Pulverizing Pancake, and Incineroar needs to know Darkest Lariat in order to use Malicious Moonsault.


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Alolan Raichu + Thunderbolt = Stoked Sparksurfer
Decidueye + Spirit Shackle = Sinister Arrow Raid
Eevee + Last Resort = Extreme Evoboost
Incineroar + Darkest Lariat = Malicious Moonsault
Marshadow + Spectral Thief = Soul Stealing 7-Star Strike
Mew + Psychic = Genesis Supernova
Pikachu + Volt Tackle = Catastropika
Pikachu wearing a cap + Thunderbolt = 10,000,000 Volt Thunderbolt
Primarina + Sparkling Aria = Oceanic Operatta
Snorlax + Giga Impact = Pulverizing Pancake
Tapu Koko/Tapu Lele/Tapu Fini/Tapu Bulu + Nature's Madness = Guardian of Alola

The moves needed to perform the exclusive Z Move are bolded.

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