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I have a Gardevoir and I don't know where to train it up to Lv 100


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My favourite method is to do the Rotation Battle at Restaurant Le Wow in Lumiose City.

For this you will need a high level Pokemon already (probably around level 70 or higher is best). Have your high level Pokemon in the front of your party, and the two you are most interested in training in the second and third slots. Give one of them the Lucky Egg, and give the lead Pokemon the Amulet Coin. Use the Experience O-Power as well (I have all 3 levels of it). Now just sweep the opponent with your high level Pokemon - their Pokemon are all level 63. Because it is a Rotation Battle, then the first three Pokemon in your party all get full experience. Any others in your party will get half, assuming the XP Share is on, so they will also slowly level up.

The advantage of a Roatation Battle over the other kinds of battle is that the first three Pokemon all get full experience, but only one of them has to actually battle. This means you can have a level 1 Pokemon you have just hatched get full experience if you want to - which is something I have done numerous times.

It costs 100,000 to battle. This drops to 90,000 if you get a perfect score doing it. Either way, you should make more than that amount of money doing the battle, from both the Amulet Coin, and the Balm Mushrooms they give you, assuming to try to complete the battles in the suggested number of turns, so not only is it good for experience, it is also economical.

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I was quite disappointed when I discovered the Elite Four & Champion have no extra Pokemon or significantly higher leveled Pokemon once you defeat it for the first time. I honestly just took turns with my 6 in-game Pokemon which were high levels and grabbed a few Pokemon that I had EV trained that wanted leveling past Lv50.

As far as I'm aware there isn't too much to do after the game in terms of battling trainers for EXP and there certainly isn't Red in X&Y. Although it's painfully slow and and irritating waiting for the the unique opening animations for each Elite Four that you've seen 50 times before - it's probably the best way.

A good trick it to use the 'coin method' which is very easy. Just leave your DS on while you're sleeping.

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How does this help when leveling up Pokemon?
If you leave a Pokemon in the Day Care, or two Pokemon that aren't in the same Egg Group so they don't have an egg. While you're doing laps around Prism Tower every step counts towards EXP for that Pokemon or the two you left, as long as you don't have an egg in your party and if you left two Pokemon in the Day Care make sure they're not in the same Egg Group then your Pokemon will be leveling up without any effort from you.

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