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I've heard the term several times, usually describing Gengar. I figured that it wouldn't be such a common term if only Gengar was called it, so I am now wondering what they all are.


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Glass cannons are Pokemon who hit extremely hard, but can barely take a hit.

Pokemon that could be considered common Glass Cannons are Darmanitan, Alakazam, Aegislash-Blade, Honchkrow (athough that's up for debate 100/50/50 defenses), Sharpedo, and Zoroark are all the ones that have potential in the OU metagame (judged by UU+).

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Glass Cannons are basically what is really says, Pokemon who can hit hard like a cannon, but are frail, meaning they can't really tank any hits.
Gengar is one, and basically any Pokemon with a huge attacking potential, but no defense.
Alakazam, Weaville, Zoroark, and basically anything with high speed/atk/no def
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Refers to a Pokémon set with comparatively high Attack and/or Special Attack that, due to its combination of HP and Defense/Special Defense, takes a comparatively high percentage of damage from damage-dealing moves.

So a powerful attacking Pokemon, usually fast, that is really frail (can't take a hit). Examples include Gengar, Sharpedo and Alakazam.


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